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    Scottsdale Arizona Tier 4, 2 months free, $38/U, $320/quarter Rack!

    boxVPS is proud too offer our Pre-Website release specials to only our WHT viewers!!!

    To Order, please email us at [email protected] or jump in live chat via(

    Purchase 1 year of Colocation and get your first 2 months FREE!!

    Single Server
    1-2U Space
    1 IP Public
    1 IP Private
    02 Amps 120v
    1 MEG Dedicated 10 MEG Port
    $380/year(thats only $31.60/month)

    1/4 Rack
    10U Space
    1 IP Public
    1 IP Private
    05 Amps 120v
    1 MEG Dedicated 10 MEG Port
    $3000/year(thats only $250/month)

    1/2 Rack
    20U Space
    1 IP Public
    1 IP Private
    10 Amps 120v
    1 MEG Dedicated 10 MEG Port
    $6000/year(thats only $500/month)

    FULL Rack
    42U Space
    1 IP Public
    1 IP Private
    20 Amps 120v
    10 MEG Dedicated 10 MEG Port
    $11000/year(thats only $916.60/month)

    Default Included with all options:
    VPN Management - Private Network - 5 PPTP VPN accounts
    Two ports 1 public, 1 private
    Free Reboots, Reinstalls, RDNS configuration
    Basic Monitoring - Notification via Email and Ticket(internally/externally)
    Direct NOC Phone # 24/7 instant USA based server administrators.
    Free Physical Help of Equipment Setup.

    $28 - per (true) AMP for 120volt power (includes UPS, generator power, etc).
    You are charged for what you actually have used (don't need to over pay). -
    $35 - per 1U
    $75/meg if you commit 1-4 megs of bandwidth per month. Overage is $75/meg.
    $65/meg if you commit 5-9 megs of bandwidth per month. Overage is $65/meg.
    $60/meg if you commit 10-19 megs of bandwidth per month. Overage is $60/meg.
    $50/meg if you commit 20-49 megs of bandwidth per month. Overage is $50/meg.
    $5.00/month - 100 MEG Port
    $1.25/Extra IP per Month
    $15/month - Remote KVM IP per port(access to bios bootup, startup, etc.)
    $15/month - Remote IP Power reboot per power plug

    Test IP:

    We own all hardware!! We are 100% privately owned, operated and funded.

    * Redundant power systems for 100% uptime
    * Multiple dual-entranced fiber providers (including AT&T, QWEST, COX)
    * Redundant Gigabit Backbone
    * Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet network connectivity; multi-homed bandwidth
    * Private VLAN - Public & Private
    * Private Secure Management Network
    * Unlimited Private Network Bandwidth
    * Static IP address(es) available
    * Each option features raised-floor, conditioned uninterruptible power, network neutral telecommunications access and internet bandwidth to global standards with a single point of accountability.
    * 24/7/365 monitoring and support
    * Secure facility 24/7/365 access
    * Pre-action, double-interlocked, dry-pipe, gas-based fire suppression
    * Dedicated biometric and CCTV options
    * System Administration consulting

    Scottsdale, Arizona is one of the USA's best location's for your data center and colocation needs. The Scottdsale climate and geography provide a stable environment without the risks that are present in many other cities used for colocation. Scottsdale does not subject your servers to the risks of earthquake, tornado, coastal flooding, hurricane or "big city" political risks. Located off of the 101 and Princess Dr.

    Our prices are cheap, we are techies like you. If your bill is not paid by its renewal date there will be a $70 fee added. We consider this your pre-pay discount on all plans. If you do not pay by your renewal date your discount will be removed for that month.

    If you need any more information, don’t hesitate to email or jump in live chat(

    Justin R. I. Shipley
    boxVPS LLC
    [email protected] has been bought out by boxVPS LLC, the press release and new site will be live any day now!!! Take advantage of these STEALS!!!!!

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    I want to thank everyone for the extremely quick questions, and add them here for everyone.

    Do you offer any nas backup?
    Currently only Rdiff-backup, Rsync, and FTP, NAS is an option in the future.
    What are the prices for backup?
    0.50/GB, unlimited transfer.
    What is the usually setup time for the servers for colocation?
    Second they arrive at our office, we will rack it, Depending on if you need us to install the OS or not it would be instant.
    Do they need to be preconfigured with network information?
    They can be, or we can do that for free. Up to the customers request.
    How much bandwidth do you guys have coming into your racks?
    2 1GIGe Fiber drops.
    Just curious if it would be 24/7 for the reboots, reinstalls or consoles?
    Yes, 24/7.
    How long have you been in business?
    4 1/2 years going on 5! - How big is your box?

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    WHT community has always been so good to us, this is why we always offer the best/unadvertised deals for you guys!! We thank you for the continuing signups and questions.

    For all yearly signups we are going to give the following add-ons for FREE!!(don't worry if you signed up before we mentioned this, we will contact you to provide your KVM Details/Access).

    1 - $5.00/month - 100 MEG Port
    1 - $15/month - Remote KVM IP per port(access to bios bootup, startup, etc.) - How big is your box?

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