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    Search Engine Question

    I have a question.

    I have clients in the UK who host their sites with me. The sites are hosted in the US. If customers are searching will the sites not be found as they are on foreign IP address's?
    Would it be better for search engine results and indexing / google site rankings if the sites are hosted in the UK or doesnt it really matter.

    I got advised that UK sites would only show up in google uk searches if they only had UK IP address ranges.

    I would like some advice on this subject.

    Many Thanks

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    This is not true, what might be true is that sites get a different ranking on local google databases. At the end is matters what the site is and who they are targeting.

    So SEO wise it could matter by getting higher rankings in the localized search engine, but those sites will still be added to the UK google database.
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    AFAIK if they use .uk domains they don't need to host their sites in UK to be listed for "pages in UK" searches. the search engine will consider them (quite rightly) as from UK, and to inherently be of some interest to a UK audience.

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    Actually its based on ranking. may be your site in .uk ranked little low thats why ...wht about in is it indexed. if the site is new will take time to index. So dont worry it will index soon

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    google has mentioned before that website IP and domain extension are factor into the ranking for a local search results, there maybe more that google would consider as the ranking factor for local search.
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