Rack Space and bandwidth available from MTIN.NET
$42 PER U of rack Space
$90 per Megabit of BGP routed bandwidth based upon 95th percentile.

Cross connect with over 21 providers. no monthly cross connect fees.

Features of the data center include:
-Electricity from the power company grid is fed by four primary connections, making the electrical redundant three times over.
-200KVA Generator
-An uninterruptible power supply and power conditioning system has been engineered into the head-end of all electricity supplied to the entire facility. Annual maintenance agreements for the battery grid that makes up the uninterruptible power supply are in place.
-The building is engineered to withstand a category F5 tornado strike (150 MPH winds).
-Physical access to the facility is controlled on a 7x24x365 basis. Proximity card access protect all entranceways into and within the facility. A
-Interior and exterior areas are monitored 24 hours with camera surveillance on a continuous tape rotation.
-An FM200 fire extinguishing system has been employed.
-An oversized and redundant cooling system that has a capacity of 40 tons of cooling.
-Within one-block proximity, there are direct fiber connection capabilities to virtually every major local, regional, and national telecommunication and data communication provider.

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