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    Affiliate programs, video/music/voice hosting

    Hi all,
    This is a bit of a grab bag, and as it covers a few matters, I thought it easiest to cover them in 1 (general post).

    What positive feedback does anyone have about hosts who have affiliate programs?

    Are there hosts who are happy to host video/music/voice content? To be clear, I do NOT mean any 'adult-type' content. I suspect that this would mean a dedicated server. Isitso?

    I may get away with this here - whilst I'm here.
    Do reseller accounts ever include the cost of domain registrations, and is a reseller account only on a dedi server?

    Thanx & Regards

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    i will skip the first two questions and go directly for the bonus question about reseller accounts.

    I never saw a host which did include costs of domain registration in, which doesnt mean they don't exist, but if so expect to pay the jackpot for them, they need to pay them too.

    A reseller account doesnt need to reside on a dedicated server, this could also be a VPS or even a reseller with reselling capabilities. (i.e. whmreseller).

    Hope this atleast answers your question partly.
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    1. Hosts with affiliate programs - often these are the larger hosts (e.g. hostgator, dreamhost), but some smaller hosts also have them, too.

    2. Yes, many hosts are fine with video/music/voice content, especially non-problematic content as you describe. Probably your main consideration there will be bandwidth.

    3. Reseller accounts - these are by definition not dedicated servers, but instead large accounts on shared servers that allow you to resell. There may be some that include domain registration, but that's something you find more often with shared hosting, not reseller. (Anyone who knows better than me on this, please correct me.)

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks 040Hosting and The Hosting Team for ur feedback.
    I am clearer now about 'reseller hosting'.

    As for affiliate programs, I will need more investigation; or more responses (hopefully) from WHT cognoscenti.

    As for video: aaah bandwidth... yes. Just that I saw in the T&C for 1 company which said that they did not want clients to use video. I have only seen a few companies T&C's - the ones in whom I am interested - and that was the 1st one that I noticed who specifically mentioned it. With video use (streaming etc) growing more common, I thought this constraint may be growing as well.


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    A lot of companies out there don't want that as it will use a lot of bandwdith, which is most likely oversold. So if you use it all you'd slow down the server and they would get only losses from you.
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    Some company's will mind if you have nothing but a bunch of movies/songs/media on your site. Just read the TOS agreement to be 100% safe. Most will smack you with fee's for using so much server resources. - DME Hosting LLC | Servers, KVM/OpenVZ VPS's, Email Hosting, Web Hosting

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    @gregster22 I suggest that you take a look at Commision Junction and their services. (Or any similar affiliate broker, such as KowaBunga (Think), Kolimbo, Zanox, ShareASale etc etc)

    Doing your research on the services these companies provide will bring you closer to reaching your goal.

    Good luck!

    EDIT: I forgot to mention TradeDoubler which is a company to research as well.
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    Hi Cabron and Speedy059. It is very helpful to get input which has made the issue clearer by your points of view. I apppreciate what you have both said, and have taken it on board.

    If anyone knows of any webhosts with affiliate programs that you have had experience with; that would be helpful as well: and Henrik thanks, I will follo-up on ur suggestions.


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