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    Smile New York NOC, Comments?

    Hey all,

    I was just looking for a new VPS to have a few clients on, I stumbled across The New York NOC. Now, besides the slight network problem that they experienced over the past day or so, are they generally a reliable service? Do they have good uptime? Is support reliable and fast?

    I have searched WHT but only get results about the recent outage, which I also read, is not to common. I am currently with Godaddy at the moment. I have not had any problems, but NYnoc's prices seem a little better for what you get.

    Does anyone have any comments they could pass on to me? Any info/reviews would be greatly appreciated.

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    I've had a VPS with them since the beginning of the year. I haven't had any outage though.

    Their support is very good. They know what they are talking about. I'm gonna be buying 2 more VPSs from these guys. For only a week, I don't know how much that counts, but so far I love these guys.

    Their client area is EXTREMELY handy. You can order new products or addons for your VPS with a click.

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    Thanks for your reply Risphree. It sounds like these guys will be my new VPS host.

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    Their client area is WHMCS.

    As for that downtime, 14 hours is a lot, and many people did complain about the lack of update to that, but prior to this event (which was a DDOS, everyone gets it), I believe they have an excellent record.
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    I must have just signed up after this downtime you speak of, I haven't noticed anything.

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    I actually had a few downtimes with them. I find it hard to recommend because they were very unresponsive and rarely ever updated during those outages.

    I hosted a VPS as well.

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    they're pretty good but sometimes took loooooooooooong time to reply a ticket, especially while i'm at emergency (happened few months ago...)
    i was their dedi customer.

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