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Thread: cpanel vs plesk

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    cpanel vs plesk

    I have been reading that cpanel requires more RAM to operate correctly.

    What would be the advantage of cpanel vs plesk?

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    Its too hard to compare and there have been plenty of discussions in this forums to find which is the best.

    There are obvious reasons why cpanel is better than plesk and vice versa. But since you have asked "What would be the advantage of cpanel vs plesk?" , i would say

    1. Ease of use / administer
    2. Lighter control panel
    3. Cool features
    4. Fantastico softwares integrated (free by majority of the hosts)

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    Plesk is much ligher as standard - you could run Plesk on a 128MB memory VPS, and cPanel would fit on a 256MB memory VPS. You wouldn't get much else on either of these though so if you have a busy site add 128MB minimum to either of the above and you have a working VPS with some capacity.

    Alternatively, you could disable some services such as SpamAssassin and antivirus to reduce resource usage and fit more on without upgrading your VPS.
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