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    Cool ad space

    I'm thinking of a new ad plan for (if this is in the wrong forum, could you tell me where I could post this messge?) How does this sound:

    On the entire site there will be 100 or more spots for a rotated banner.

    The site as a whole gets 1000+ unique hits a day and about 2500+ page views a day

    Some pages will obviously have more than one banner slot. (3 at the max per page)

    There will never be more than 15 banners rotated on the entire site.

    and, since I'm just starting this in a few weeks, I will only charge $10 a month per banner rotated. (again, only 15 max)

    Banners can be 468x60

    I already have a few slots sold, but is this price reasonable? I am just getting into ad sales for the first time, and I am not sure if this price is a steal. People have been snapping this up like mad! Should I start higher, or start at this price and then raise it as things progress?

    Thanks in advance for any help! [email protected]
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    Honestly, no, but if you can sell it go for it. Look at the stats. You got 1k uniques going to it a day, 30k a month. Divide that by the 15 at max you plan to sell, thats 2000 uniques a month per ad, not to great. Then you have the 1-3 banner per page. As you get more people, expect it to go down, obviously you are giving a decent deal now with only a few people taking them, ie more views for them, but once you start getting more, they will get less, and get less for their money. Of course if it is highly targeted, then it might be worth it.
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    I am lowering it to 10 banners max. They will each get more than 30k divided by 10 baners, becuase some pages have 3 banners. (thus, raising total banner impressions) I will not raise the number of max banners again.
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    It is now a max of 5 banners for only $5 a month!
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