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    30k+ traffic website, looking for sponsorship from hosting provider


    The phpFormGenerator project is a very popular form generating software, that is packaged with Fantastico (cPanel) and other script suites. The program currently has a user base of more than 70,000. The project website receives 30,000+ hits per day.

    We have recently released version 3.0, which is a huge upgrade to the existing version. This version is currently under beta, and is being extensively used by thousands of users at the demo site:

    We are currently looking for a steady, long-term sponsorship from a hosting company. Currently, our software runs on the Source Forge servers. Due the limited facilities offered on SF servers, we are unable to perform any development, testing, etc. We are looking for a company that would provide us with a dedicated server. In return, a "powered by" sort of ad will be placed permanently on the project website.

    We are looking for established companies who will be willing to carry this out long term. If you are interested, please send me a message.


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    I would like to thank everyone who contacted me regarding the phpFormGenerator sponsorship. It was a great response, I received a lot of private messages on the forum, and a number of you contacted me via AIM as well. Some great offers were received. Just goes to show that there are some great service providers out there who are willing to support Free Software projects like ours.

    The phpFormGenerator developers, including myself, have been analyzing the different offers we received. Almost every one of them met, and in most cases exceeded our hardware requirements that we put forth. Therefore, the main criteria that we were using to measure up the offers were: (1) time period that the service provider has been in business, (2) reputation of the service provider, and (3) the service provider's interest in supporting our project (and future projects). Unfortunately, almost half of the offers had to be culled based on the first criterion. Although the new organizations who sent in their offers all look very promising, we are really looking for established service providers with a few years of experience.

    We have closed in on the offer that we think will be the best choice for phpFormGenerator. The decision will be conveyed to the service provider to get their final approval, and then finalized in the next few days.

    Thank you once again for your participation and support.

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