Sales Reps & Affiliate Manager Wanted

Hostaga Internet Solutions LLC is looking to bring on more US (w2) employees. Please read this thread very carefully to ensure you are the right fit for this position and vice versa. Please note, we are requesting that this thread will be closed after posting as we will not be monitoring it. Responses should be sent to the address provide below up until the end of January.

Shift Availabilities
Were looking to start someone off as part-time, on an entry level pay (combination of hourly + commission.) Wed like a very dedicated / committed person that will work every moment they are on shift. Wed like those that are interested in growing with the company. Were looking to pay between $3.00-$4.50/hour base pay plus commission. Commission is given after the weekly quota is met. Once that is met 50% of sales above that level will be added to the check as commission.

M.W.F. US Business Hours Needed Exact Hours Negotiable
~4-6 hours per day (15-25 hours per week.)
Weekend Availability would be a bonus.

-Must speak fluent English (Spanish Background would be a major plus)
-Exhibit excellent communication skills
-Ability to be responsive (efficiently/accurately) to sales inquiries and leads
-cPanel/WHM Knowledge Required
-Sales/Marketing Experience
-Good understanding of the web hosting industry
-Professional, friendly and trustworthy attitude
-U.S. citizen with SSN required (W-2 Position)
-Bi-Weekly Pay (via Check/Direct Deposit)
-Fee free checking account offered with direct deposit through Bank of America.

Job Duties/Responsibilities
(These will vary depending on skills and need, but these are the areas in which you may be required to work.)
-Answering Support/Sales inquiries via support desk. *Your performance will be tracked and considered when it comes time for a raise.
-You will be a live support/sales operator on the site as well, which is also logged and considered when it comes to bonuses/raises.
-Sales work will be done.
-Ability to do collections phone calls is a plus.* (Skype account w/ unlimited calling to US/CA will be provided for this purpose.)
-You will be required to browse through the forums and answer any support/sales questions.
-Outside marketing on related forums, etc will be required as well.
-Reconstruction / Management of our affiliate program will be a big part of the job. Success in this area will open up a full time / salaried position + benefits.
-Further duties will be discussed in private.

Are you interested?
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