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    Lightbulb Livechat scripts (w/ Linux clients).

    Howdy all,

    Just a quick question. I'm looking for a livechat solution which has a linux operator client. I am delighted to discover that has now got one, but I was wondering if anyone else knows of one.

    PhpLIVE! is web based / optional windows client (but there's some uncertainty as far as OSI Codes future)
    Stardevelop AFAIK is windows client only.
    Kayako Supportsuite / Liveresponse is windows client only
    ProvideSupport has a linux client

    And that's about all I can think of at the moment.

    Any ideas anyone? Cost isn't an object (although I would prefer a one off or yearly licence instead of a monthly cost).
    Pulse Internet Limited

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    I was just about to buy PhpLIVE! glad I heard that before I spend the money. it would be a shame to see that one go, it looks real nice.

    My second choice was going to be stardevlop, I dont think that is windows client only. I might need to look into it more tho.

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    Best solution I have found, and if you only need 1 operator, its FREE!
    Neil McGeehan
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