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    Angry What to do when you can't connect to your dedicated server host, and they dont answer

    Well recently I just moved to because of their promised DoS/DDoS protection. I get to their amazing fast servers and I love it.. Then my site goes down from the first DoS and it took em a bit, but they helped me optimize my server. Then last night we got attacked again, I claimed it was a DoS attempt and the tech said it probably wasn't. I showed em the logs and then he finally agreed, and installed another ddos protection script.. Then the network went out, they stopped answering my e-mails, their support e-mail sends back PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 13): 550 No Such User Here... So now I call the numbers on the their whois, and no one answers.. It's been close to 16 hours that my site has been down.. and no contact from the host.. The hosts support desk is down.. so I don't figure it's gonna go backup anytime soon and I don't think the owner even realizes it's down. What can I do?

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    Don't panic - there's a 3 page thread on The NY Noc's downtime.

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    ouch! that could hert if you make losts of cash from your site.

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