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    Is this a server issue?

    I do not know which forum to put this post in so I picked what I thought was right. I think this may be a server issue but I am unsure. Let me explain what is going on.

    I am having a server problem with one of my VB domains and it is not happening on any of my other VB sites so I am hoping that someone with some experience can shed some light on this and help me fix it.

    I have set up my config.php file to use the datastore_cache.php file as VB has designed it to be used. I have set it to CHMOD 777. Then after I access my Admincp and do anything in the Admincp and save it the file reverts back to CHMOD 644 and then I can no longer wrtiten to it. In fact it changes the permissions so that even I can not change it back to CHMOD 777 again.

    Let me shed a little light one all I have done to me server lately.

    I updated my PHP to PHP 5 about two weeks ago and then I noticed this problem. I donít know if I can blame this on the PHP5 upgrade or not because I also have four other VB sites running on this server and they do not have this problem.

    Can someone shed some light on this that may know what I can do to fix this?

  2. Are you logging in via SSH and setting the permissions, or are you trying to do it through an FTP client?

    Login using SSH and try again. Alternatively, if the admin cp has a file browser, use it to change the file permissions.

    Try changing the permissions on a test file as well just to see what happens.
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    what is VB?
    in any case, some ISPs forbid 777 mode. Although if this is a dedicated server, you should have total control over that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by musawirali View Post
    what is VB?
    VB = VBulletin

    @OP: Did you try changing the permissions on another file from your control panel? I suspect this is a control panel problem.

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    What version of VB is this occurring on?

    What version of VB are the other sites running?

    How are you sure that the file permissions really are being changed to 777? e.g., are you changing them and verifying them via SSH?

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    OK. I got this working now so it stays at 777. Now I am having other issues. I think with VB. I need to do some more digging on this because changes are not being made to the file. I need to figure out if it is the server or VB.

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