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    Post your overclocks

    I honestly don't know if anyone here overclocks

    But if you do, post your current OC. Just screenshot CPU-Z or whatever. Be sure to post what voltages your using / what cooling, and what your processor's default is

    My proc defaults at 2 ghz, this is on stock cooling with a 1.535 volt core set

    I can't QUITE get stable at 2.6 : ( that was my big goal.

    Since taking this screen I've managed to keep the same clock at 1.5v
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    I have a Core2Duo E6600 that runs @ 2.4 GHz stock, overclocked to 3.38GHz 1.45v
    cpuz pic:

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    I need nerdier friends, nobody cares that i overclock

    I havent tried overclocking my C2D 6600 yet, its already plenty fast enough for me.
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    Last time I messed around with overclocking was back in the days of 1GHz being the holy grail. Back then I took a Thunderbird 700Mhz to 1.2Ghz, using water cooling along with dual peltiers on the water block.
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    Let's see..

    Athlon XP 2000+ T-bred A (original at 1.67GHz) to 2400+ (1.93GHz)
    Athlon XP 2500+ T-bred B (original at 2.0GHz) to 3100+ (2.4GHz)
    Both on stock cooling =)

    Next up is my hackjob Athlon 64 X2 4200+ (ASUS A8M2N-LA board, HP proprietary BIOS with no overclocking capabilities except fan control); runs at 2.2 right now, if I can take it to at least 2.6, I'll be happy =)

    There's other overclocks, but less notable:
    Mac LC III 68030/25 to 33
    Mac Quadra 605 68LC040/25 to 33
    iMac G3/233 to 333
    PowerMac G3/266 to 315 and later 575 (Sonnet card)
    Pentium 75 to 100, then 133, then back to 100 (proc was a 120MHz model)
    Pentium 133 to 166
    PowerMac G4/400 to 500
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