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    Installing Apache + PHP on my home computer.

    I am trying to install Apache + PHP on Windows XP SP2. I managed to get Apache working. However, when I setup PHP and tried to access a page with <?php phpinfo(); ?> it displayed nothing but a blank page. When I viewed the source is showed the PHP, therefore it was not parsed...

    I have checked and double checked my paths, I have tried doing it as a module and cgi, I have read tutorial after tutorial and I cannot get it to function properly.

    Apache 2.2.6, PHP 5.2.5

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    You need to enable php asapi or cgi in IIS maybe?

    <Edit, sorry you're using apache not IIS>

    Check you have the .php extension set correctly in the apache conf.

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    Why not just install EasyPHP? It works out of the box
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    I use AppServ on my laptop for development... Works great... unless you are really trying to practice setting up a WAMP system, I suggest using one of the many free pre-compiled packages out there.
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    Consider witsuite - Apache, PHP, MySQL installer and configurator. It is simple and efficient (installation demo: If you prefer to install packages manually, you can use the instruction at

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