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    Design fixes, integration, and logo needed.

    Date work will needed to be began: Jan. 15
    Date expected to be finished by: Jan. 20-25
    Budget: Negotiable, is considered a small to medium size job and I'm looking for quality so I am prepared to consider a fair price. Please send quote as well as requested information below.

    Work needed on website design:
    1.Need to fix a few problems with viewing in IE 6
    2. Need index link on top left logo fixed. (lil hard to explain but the way it was coded it doesn't work on all pages and some edits to html on rest of page mess it up)
    3.Design enhancements to menu, tables, and basically just making it look better. Would want a list of suggestions and perhaps a small preview.
    4. Other code fixes and improvements.
    5. WHMCS integration
    6. A new logo as well as a small and large sized banner for advertising.

    I do not want a complete redesign, just some things fixed and want it to look better and more professional. I want it where I will be able to edit in WYSIWYG to add plans, change stuff, etc and not have to fix unrelated things every time. (Yes I know using WYSIWYG is part of my problem with that but I want it where it will not cause any problems to edit in this manner)

    Please do not contact me to criticize my current design. The reason I am asking for designers is to make it look better I do not want to hear anything besides quote and what you can do to make it look better.

    Payment methods and procedure:
    Payments will be done through paypal only and will only be paid AFTER services are rendered. If you wish to use an escrow service that handles paypal (dont really know of any) or a third party person that we both can agree on that is fine as well.

    email only, no pms or instant messages, if you pm or IM me I will automatically rule you out as a potential designer. Do not email me from free email accounts I would prefer you have a site for your services so please email from your domain email.
    [email protected] or [email protected]

    Please excuse the tone of some of my stipulations, i have had some bad experiences with web designers but I am willing to pay a good price for these services so hopefully a good designer with decent prices will consider

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    Updating the thread to note that the site the quote is needed for is my hosting site
    I was thinking about all the other things I forgot to mention the very site I needed the quote for

    Thanks Mugurel for alerting me to this

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    don't pay until your work done( upto $250)


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