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    Exclamation Ex-cyberwings customer needs help

    Yup, like everyone else, I too, was cheated out of their money from cyberwings.

    Now, I'm trying to move on and find a better host that is not too expensive. I only used cyberwings because they were cheap and look what happened. Anyways, I would like everyone's opinions on a good host for a small personal site. Keep in mind that I'm a teenager on a budget. I'd really appreciate your input. Thank you for reading my post

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    You're welcome for reading your post

    Post a request in the requests forum with your needs and see what you come up with.

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    Lol, thanks.. I didn't see that forum waaay down there.

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    I was Cyberwinged.

    I am happy with service etc for my small personal sites at
    Heck I even spoke with Gary on the phone...can you believe that?

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