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    [Hiring] Helpdesk Personnel

    Hey WHT'ers. I'm trying to take advantage of the referal program at my office (if I refer new employees I get a chunk of cash). We're looking for a few helpdesk technicians. It's a temporary position (Not "temporary", but your hired as a temp, and get paid hourly) doing phone support and whatnot. Medium sized pharmaceutical marketing company in Somerset NJ.

    Highly recommended that you have prior telephone experience (working on a helpdesk or some kind of call center). A technical background is also required (certs a plus, but not necessary). A large portion of the software we support is custom, the rest is basic windows/laptop support (connecting to wireless, changing password, etc).

    Decent pay for an entry level IT position (17-22$ / hr). If interested, inquire within (or post here) and I'll give out contact info.
    Matt Mills
    Ceteranet Network Systems -
    [email protected]

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    Please provide us your contact info, we're interested.

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    I am interested, is it work form home?

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    It is not work from home.

    The company is inVentiv Health in Somerset NJ. To apply go to at the bottom you'll see "To view all jobs, click here" (click there). Click Job Categories at the top, and then Information Technology. This job is IT/HelpDesk. You can apply there as well. If you'd like you can send me a copy of your resume via PM / Email, and I'll make sure someone takes a look.

    Oh, and if they ask for a what employee referred you, you can put my name (Matt Mills)! I'm trying to get our referrall bonuses here!
    Matt Mills
    Ceteranet Network Systems -
    [email protected]

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    Hi, Which os you are looking for?? XP / vista??

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