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    New site

    Hey everyone,

    Haven't been here in a bit, been off working on some projects and stuff, trying to get as much done before school starts up again (only one more year!!!).

    Here is one site I have been working on, I know the idea already exists and all, but my client wanted this site so here it is: tell me what you think so far.

    Colors, layout, etc... Only this one page works, nothing else. I'm really not too sure if I like the design myself, but he likes it so I guess that's all that matters

    So rip it apart please... -- coming soon to an internet near you...

    Oklahoma Sooners all the way baby!!

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    i think it is a real good start.

    i like the colors in the logo and how you used ripped pages from a notebook to get some kind of feel for the site. the orange blur can be something i can live without. i don't feel it is necessary to have. i would love to see that ripped notebook page applied to the whole site. that would look great.

    you go the layout down and its organization, which is a good thing.

    the blue part... i would rather see a color from the logo be used. maybe that dark blue or purple(that's what i see) from the logo. i'm not a fan of gradients. i would rather see a whole solid color instead. the content like the navigation on the left is a bit too close to the edge. that goes for the lastest projects and top users. push it to the right so it won't be too close.

    the white part where the content is... the hard corners(top and bottom left) are a bit to strong. i suggest you round them since your logo is somewhat rounded as well. i have mixed feelings on the orange motioned blurs that are above and below the headliners. i don't think i like them. i would also like to see the same blue/purple form the logo to be used on the headliners. also push the content to the right more so it won't be too close to the blue part of the navigation. the "need a project: community...", i would have it stay still at the left part of the white content section.

    the boxes on the right where you log in, i would to see the colors in the logo be applied as well.

    overall it looks great for a place where freelance programmers to get projects, but if you want to cater to designers as well, i would rethink the design. add some spice to it to please the designers.

    like you said, the client likes it and that is all that matters. damn, then why am i replying to this?

    i hope that helped you out and was something that you wanted or didn't want to hear.

    take care and take it easy.

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    well visual newbie you toook everything i had to say. But really i emphisize you dont use the red in the login screens. I do like the design well with the colors. So what if you were to edit the logo a bit to match. At first impression though very nice. Probably better then i could do at the moment.

    Keep up the good work.

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