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    [Infinitie Networks] Up to 3 Months Free Service on Select Plans - A Must See!

    From now until May 25, 2008 when you sign up for any select Infinitie Select DGS plan below you will get up to 3 months free and unlimited incoming traffic for up to 6 months.

    What does DGS Stand for?

    Through proprietary and third party software, Infinitie has redesigned the way they provide dedicated and Virtual Private Server hosting to the mainstream.

    Using our Dedicated Grid Server Technology (DGS) we are able to provide customers with scalable and reliable solutions for customers, where they can scale up/down their services as required with little to no downtime and no IP changes.

    We understand the importance of 100% uptime and through our proprietary tools we are able to provide a better quality of service alongside higher percentages of uptimes during migration.

    Current Service Plans on Promotion:
    Please visit each link for details on space, bandwidth and additional promotions for that specific plan

    Select DGS 15
    Get Up to $25 Off Select 6 Month and 1 Year Pre-Paid Options.

    Select DGS 25
    Up to 3 Months Free Service & Unlimited Incoming Network Traffic for up to 3 months †

    Select DGS 40
    Up to $140 Months Free Service & Unlimited Incoming Network Traffic for up to 6 months †

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    I need to speak with you regarding your bill with us. My emails have gone unanswered so I'm attempting to reach you any way I can.
    Matt Kelly
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