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    Signed up with Platinum Server Management

    Partner has signed up with Platinum Server Management based on some recommendation here. So far so good, hope that keep going well in the long run. Saving us ton of headache from arguing with my server provider which support should come free from them.

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    PSM is one of two management services we use. Great service for the price.

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    The best of luck on PSM. I have read many great things about them and I believe you are in good hands.

    However, I do believe this thread may be in the wrong forum, and I would ask that a moderator move it.

    Kindest Regards,

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    platinumservermanagement has been great to us. We have been with them for awhile and they have done nothing but help us always at the right time.

    Thanks platinumservermanagement! You guys are the best

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    yup, PSM is one of the top server management service provider.
    I think SeekAdmin ( also worth using.

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    I am getting a C2D server
    Is PSM really good enough to be a level 3 FULLY MANAGED?

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    PSM is all system admins there, I never had a problem with any request whether it was something simple (usually my stupid mistake lol) or a really big problem. They do kernel upgrades and system restores for me anytime I need.

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