Firstly allow me to say Hi to all the people here at web hosting talk this site has helped alot with my web hosting.

I would also like to make it clear i am trying to be as unbiased as possible here so please do not post a reply which says that im lieing or something.

I originally found a thread for Trexhost on this site the thing that caused me to sign up to it was the free CPanel offer also the fact is was $85 a month which is cheap in my opinion. the first thing i done was go onto the live chat at trexhost and a very nice man talked me through everything all the prices etc etc. within about an hour i was all paid and ready to go. within just a few hours i recieved an email from James (the owner) offering me a free upgrade (due to stock i think) obviosuly i was happy with this and agreed.

Within around 24 hours my server was online had some minor thing such as fantastico not being installed but things which i had no intent to grumle about and instead submitted a support ticket with a low priority. I also had a problem about a week later with the root password they happily reset it within a few hours once again i was more than happy.

Towards the end of october i experienced my first major problem which turned out to be due to my stupidity, due to IPanel a free usr had made an account and sent out spam from it which had caused the server to be turned off (didnt no originally) This was the first time i could recall that the live support wasnt avaiable and yes at the end of the day it doesent have to be 24/7 so fine i used a support ticket, within about 8 hours i had the server back online again at this point i was told it was due to a security issue and i had been banned.

the next morning (GMT) i woke up to find the server once again not working so i go to trexhost and once again no live support (us company) so i submit a ticket to them explaing the situation today however it takes around 12 hours for the problem to finally be fixed at this point i am told it is probally due to a someone trying to hack the server and it was shut down as a precaution, fine cant hardly blame trexhost for this.

Ok so i wake up again to find for the 3rd day in a row that the sevrer was once again turned off (understand my slight anger by this point) so i go on (no live support) submit a ticket and withing a few hours i get a response saying about how the problem has been confirmed that it was the same spam from day 1 that had caused it to be shut down and that the staff from trexhost had no emailed the data center and told them to turn it back on. i assume the problem is now fixed.

Fouth morning i wake up obvioulsy i check the server and what do i find but the lovely windows error screen so what i decide to do is once again submit a support ticket this time i get through to James who replies and says the problem is that trexhost had not confimed the problem fixed obviously i was then thinking so yesterday was useless. finally the server gets turned back on (slow in texas) and i have my website again, well so i thought.

I then check my Gmail account to find 3 messages from cpanel about how their was a problem with some service and it has been and i quote 'automagically' fixed. i just assumed it was general issues.

THe next day i go onto the trexhost website and find live support is online and i start a conversation to talk about having my billing date adjusted by 4 days for inconvience instead i am offered a free install of clientexec which i was happy about so i agreed and was quite chuffed, in the mean time i also took the chance to ask about the trexhost staff it turns out that micheal who i belive is head of operations or somthing is actually a student at school and most of the staff are just students helping out people. this i find really funny for such a 'great company'.

When i try to install client exec i am told i need to have ioncube installed so i ask trexhost for some advice on how to go about it and one of the staff volounteers to install it at the same time as my fantastico. so off he goes about an hour later i go check the ipanel see if i have any free accounts to approve and see the 404 hell. I ticket trexhost where i am told that there was a problem when rebuilding appache due to the installer. a long story cut short it was due to me chaning cpanel to edge version or something. basically it needed to be restored which in total took 3 days to be fixed. after this i asked James why it happened and the conversation that followed made me belive he was either a student himself or had a real bad anger problem basically his attitude was i broke it and it was all my fault for using a diffrent version of cpanel, he then made it clear it was an unmanaged server and i should leave an go somewhere else.

I decided that due to the fact i was now only getting these cpanel emails once a day and the occasional S.M.A.R.T email i would stick with trexhost i managed to go about a month before i was just getting so frustrated with my email account being full of email and the rubbish response i was getting through the support system and the major lack of live support that i was going to end the server and find another one. So i submit a ticket saying i no longer wish to have the server with them and the man informs me thats fine and that it would be shut off, i later recieved an email saying the server was then turned off so i assumed it was. i then recivee an email from trexhost saying i was overdue an invoice so i go to the site to speak to one of their live support staff of course no body there so i instead ignore it, it has now just ended and i confirmed the server is turned off.

I am really sorry about the length of this and the rubbish English it was written after a long day at work. I have just changed to a company called Mako soloutions who so far have been excellent my server is currently being setup and i hope that this managed server does better.

If anyone has any questions feel free to email me at antchatterbox at