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    Future Hosting Technolgy??

    Hello All,

    What do you think will be the future technology for web hosting industry? Will it be VPS, Grid, Clusters or something else? Please let me know what you think will be the future technology?

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    Solid state. Memory will replace hard drives as storage, memory chip production costs will plummet, and we'll be able to build 10 Tb. servers the size of Mac Minis

    How do you like that prediction?
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    seems about right PM

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    It'll be somewhere along the lines of my complaining why I am downloading content from my site at only 250 GB/s when the servers are only on moon.

    Crappy 250 GB/s server connection, I can't post my 2megapixel smilie fast enough.

    Solid state. Memory will replace hard drives as storage, memory chip production costs will plummet, and we'll be able to build 10 Tb. servers the size of Mac Minis
    If memory replaces hard drives then that'll rock in a way. But if that happens, then computers will be another step closer to being sold as lego at Toys R' Us due to the simplicity of building computers. Many people will be out of a job
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    next after that will be holographic memory cubes replacing both ram and hard drives.
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    Currently the trend is heading towards total virtualization. Not junk like what Swsoft has, but true virtualization such as VMware, or even more so to true native, VirtualIron. This means you can put 48 1U blades (12 side blades = 10U space used) in a rack and still have room for battery backup, switches, fiber boxes, etc. The blades wont have hard drives as the data is all on the san and via fiber channel. The primary thing on the blades used is memory and cpu. Assume you have 4 processors each being quad core 3ghz, you could easily run a minimum of 16 virtual servers per blade. This comes to a total of 768 servers per rack. Wasted space is wasted money. So you condense and virtualize as much as possible. Every inch count.

    Some point to the use of power. However, cpu's are being developed to ever more use less power consumption, plus since no drives (hard drive, cd, etc) are in the blades running 24x7, you save on power requirements. On top of that, you have blade systems that are more energy efficient than standalone servers. So in reality, a blade center running 12 blades would use about considerably less power than 12 standalone servers. On average, a modern blade center power system can run about 4200 watts. So divided by 12, that is 350 watts per blade available. Obviously without the need to have 4+ drives to accomplish something like Raid5, you save electric by not using a raid card or the hard drives.

    Yet like most things in it's infancy, it's expensive to do. Right now it would cost you between $100,000 to $200,000 or more to do such a rack depending on how high quality you want to do it. On the bright side, if you were able to do it for $200,000 ($261 per virtual server, or $4166 per physical server) then you could lease each virtual server out for around $33/month and recoupe your total investment in 8 months. Then you would be profiting $25,000 per month at those prices. You could of course easily get $69 per virtual server, which is a fair price, and be far better off. Your investment would pay off in just under half the time. So expensive to start up such a system, but it means your cost per virtual server leased is a great deal lower than using normal servers, as well as saving on power compared to leasing out normal servers.

    Anyway, you asked, and that is my answer. As you can see, it is something I have been studying up on for a while. I would love to build one, but right now the upfront cost is a bit too much.

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