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    What to do about abuse charges from ******?

    Well my site has been down for the last two days. Big surprise since it is hosted by *****. Anyway I called to complain and they said I have been disabled due to spam charges against me.

    Well I want to have the site back up and running (at least so I can move it somewhere else *grin*) and they said I have to mail [email protected] and ask them why I am disabled and how to get it back up. Well two days have passed and still no answer from them, and of course they don't have a telephone number!

    Has anyone else here went through this before? What do I have in store for me?

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    Re: What to do about abuse charges from ******?

    Originally posted by breitweg
    Has anyone else here went through this before? What do I have in store for me?
    You will probably be billed $500 per spam email you sent.

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    Unfortunately, charges of spam are just as good as being caught at the scene of a crime with blood knife - the charge is as good as a conviction. Being innocent doesn't matter. You were charged.

    That's what scares the heck out of me when I hear of anti-spam Federal laws. Someone just has to make the claim of spam and it's taken as fact.
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    i was also surprised when my account was suspended due to spam. my host told me they had reports of me spamming. i told them i spammed no one and to send the reports so i could see it. they turned my account back on and promised to send the reports. so far i have seen no reports. sigh...8 more months of this

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