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    I need feedback on Datahosters


    I need an affordabe hosting company for my adult site. Datahosters has a deal that seems too good to be true. In my experience, if it seems too good to be true, then it isn't true.

    Has anyone used them and what do you think?


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    what deal did he offer you? because their rates seem feasible... for cogent... but its verio... heh

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    they posted while back for a dual machine with like 100mbit dedicated verio pipe all for less than 2k a month more like 1,750 i believe because it was 17$mbit server included i just dont see how they do it but hey they posted it.

    may wanna check it out in the special dedicated servers offers toker is the guy i belive.

    and i have no expierience with them so I not sure if they the real deal or not

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    I was just looking at their dedicated hosting deals on the website. There's no way to contact anyone on their website, so I haven't actually talked to someone.

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    there is the thread i was talking about

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