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    Post Can't contact host regarding transferring domain

    Hi there,

    I'm hoping someone here would be kind enough to offer some advice regarding the following issue? A client of mine has asked me to transfer their site to a new host (Tsohost) from their old host (Your Choice Budget).

    I've contacted Tsohost and everything has been set up ready for Your Choice Budget to change their nameservers, but the problem is that I can't seem to be able to contact Your Choice Budget. I've sent them numerous emails to no avail, and the website doesn't provide a contact number. My client has done some research on them and it seems as though they didn't pay their last tax return, which doesn't bode well.

    Where do we stand with this and how can we get round it? Is there an organisation that can help us get in touch with them? Or will we have to set up another site using a completely new domain name?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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    can you contact the direct registrar for your domain?

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    Hi there, and thanks for your reply.

    I've tried contacting regarding this but they haven't replied to emails and also don't provide a phone number - seems British NIC and Your Choice Budget are part of the same company.

    Many thanks,


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    Have you looked up the whois details and tried the contact numbers which are normally listed?

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    Is it because it is New year? may be their sales/billing department may not be working on the 1st or may be on 2nd too. I guess it will be worth to wait one more day.

    Their livechat also seem to be offline.
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    I have, but there are no phone numbers listed. Do a whois search for and you'll see what I mean.

    Matt - I've also had problems contacting them many times before, and not just in the New Year. Seems they're quite an elusive bunch...



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    Small world.

    If the domain is a, you can force through a tag change for a small admin fee via Nominet (the authority that deals with the .uk ccTLD) to a better registrar at which point you can change your nameservers there.
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  8. #8 is the ones you will need to contact it looks like they are still active and perhaps on holiday.

    Their last blog post was 17th Dec:

    Perhaps wait a few days for a reply from them and failing that contact Nominet.


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    Hi dazmanultra and Aaron,

    Thanks for your help - I'll try both your suggestions and hopefully put an end to this sorry episode once and for all...!



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    I have had this happened before.... funny thing is Enom cleared the name for me... a bit costly though. - Web Hosting Directory & Honest Reviews - 24x7 Toll Free Support Cpanel Hosting

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