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    Post Looking to upgrade, is this an upgrade or the same?

    Hi am looking to upgrade to a faster cpu server but am confused, is this new server much better?

    new server:
    Intel Q6600 QUAD CORE

    current server:
    2048MB RAM

    The rest is the same except for some backup options... price is only $10 dlls higher on the new server (quad core).


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    You might look at this:

    Looks like the Q6600 benchmarks higher however, the opteron is a server chip (server motherboard?). I don't think you would much improvement however, $10 isn't much money either.

    Look at the dedicated vs vps benchmarks in this section also.

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    Quard core is definitely powerful and good decision

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    Quad core will give you a nice extra jolt of power
    why do you feel the need to upgrade though?
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    It is a bit of an upgrade if you have true multi threaded applications using the cores, but given what you are running now, not one I would move a live site to for the little you receive.

    Just my opinion...

    Good luck,
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaroNet-Hesham View Post
    Quad core will give you a nice extra jolt of power
    why do you feel the need to upgrade though?
    am running a site with forums a lot of picture galleries (mainly), chat basically a community portal and we want to give fast response times to our users.

    actually we are not slow or with load problems right now PSM has optimized our current server so if it's just a little bit more power may be it's not worth the time to move all the accounts, secure the server, etc., etc.,

    thanks a lot !

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