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    the servers of are again down .
    there was no prior announcement related to it .

    and no representative of the company is available to contact via phone or support site ( as it is also down.

    my site is

    is any one else facing the same problem. if yes
    ehn since when .

    it has been almost 3- 4 hrs since the services are down .

    Anyone else who can be of help or is going crazy like me . ????

    Vidhanshu Bansal

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    We have been aware of the downtime and pinpointed the problem. The downtime has only been on the node you are on. Any customer on this node will be experiencing this downtime, unfortunately.

    We will be making an official announcement to all of our customers once the node comes back up. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

    I would like to make a point that this was a planned emergency maintenance although once we took the node down complications arose and we have been having trouble bringing it back up.
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    i shall quote the downtime mssg recieved

    Steady Communications, LLC System Message:
    12/29/2007 06:47 PM
    We will be having a maintenance upgrade which will take part early tomorrow, Sunday, December 30, 2007, at 3:00AM EST (12:00AM PST). The nodes involved will be node's 2 and 5. If you are not on these nodes, you will not be affected. This upgrade will only result in 5-15 minutes of planned downtime.
    Node 2 will be receiving some new hardware, but node 5 will be completely replaced with another server due to recent problems we were receiving from the node.
    Thank you for your cooperation and patience. Have a safe and Happy New Year!
    Best Regards,
    The SteadCom Staff
    there was no notice for 2nd jan .

    i understand that any server can down . but a user should be informed about it prior so that i in turn inform my clients also.

    i dont intend to fight or create issue.
    i posted here because i was not able to get into contact with any company representative .

    you should atleast put your support website on load balancing or some other solution whereas a customer is able to reach you people in case of any problem .

    Vidhanshu bansal

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    Hello Vidhanshu,

    The announcement you have quoted is unrelated to this issue, unfortunately.

    We understand your concern and we apologize for the inconvenience you have recently experienced. All is back up and working. Please contact us via our support system for further discussion of this occasion.

    Thank you.

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