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    * I have 2 reseller + 26 domain accounts, want to move them all to a reliable and cheap

    Please tell me where I can find a reliable/cheap & affordable reseller plan for moving my 25+domains and 2 client’s sub-reseller account with them.

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    How much resources are you currently using?

    With a bit more info, you would be able to get more help

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    resources means what?
    i am using a VPS PLAN (50-GB) from ""
    they are offering unlimited MS-SQL, MYSQL, FTP, DOMAIN, EMAIL ETC.

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    Resource like, how much HDD space and how much bandwidth are they consuming?

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    ok! do you know, some Web Hosts name where i can move

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    they are offering unlimited bandwidth

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    I don’t need unlimited bandwidth, some standard bandwidth is enough for me.
    But the cost should be under $250/yer

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    There are plenty of host out there (and in here WHT) that provide reseller plan with decent storage and bandwidth for less than USD$250 a year.

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