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    What to start with?

    Well Im very very new to webhosting. I was wondering if when i start a hosting site if i should start with reseller or VPS, or what is shared? Also if or when I pick one is there a way to also sell Domains?

    Please help by telling me about them and why/ pro's and con's

    Thanks so very much an advance.

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    Start with reseller, from reseller you can understand the basics of web hosting. Then go on to VPS, you will understand the technical aspects of web hosting. When you are ready get a dedicated server, then you will understand the hardware and software aspects of web hosting. Good Luck!

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    yup start small then go big

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    Yes you should start with a reseller account as your clients grow you can grow..

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    You can start with hosting reseller. Also, most of the hosting companies are having domain registration reseller services also available. Hence, you can sell both hosting + domain registration.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks you guys for the great info.
    Now any suggestions on what reseller gives better support and space? I have been looking at hostgator, hostnine, and some one mentioned rackspace but I haven't even looked there yet.

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    Don't touch hostnine, as there have been too many issues of late about reliabilty and support etc.

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    Rackspace only does dedicated solutions and they aren't cheap, so it doesn't look like they are an option for you at this point.
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    ok so I guess I'm going with Hostgator....I'm only asking lots of questions here cause I don't want to make a bunch of threads, but thanks for all your help.

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