Hello im Froweey. I'm a programmer, or coder as you may call it. Anyway's I code in the following languages: HTML, xHtml, dHtml, Css, Javascript, Actionscript, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, TCL/TK, ASP, VB. I've patched vulnerabilities in custom websites and Forum/CMS software. Including exploits, RFI(remote file exclusions), Ddos protection scripts, and XSS attacks. I've made email bomber's, and patched email bomb attacks . I've made b0ts in python, and perl. I've made remote database connection perl scripts, and hash extractors. I've also made my own database backup tools in PythonTk and PerlTk. I have made many other programs as well, including chat program's, and anti-hacking system's for games and website's as well. Well if you need a website or a program professional done, and professionaly encrypted, then I'm the guy for you .

Contact me @: [email protected]

I'm alway's online on MSN, so feel free to PM me .