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    win2003 VPS in india or korea at cheap, please recommend

    hi all members

    i am looking to buy cheap win2003 VPS in korea/india/philiphine

    can some members here recommend me (please PM me)?
    i can pay by paypal



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    From what I know India and Philippines bandwidth costs and hence hosting are very high, you may want to try Korea.

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    besides above 3 countries, what about japan VPS? any site in english language sell japan DC VPS?

    what about in netherland DC ?

    anyone know those company which sell win2003 VPS?

    please pm me



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    Korea is expensive if you don't speak Korean. A Pentium 3 Linux VPS from a English speaking Seoul hosting company costs the same than a VPS hosted in a Tokyo data center, yet Tokyo is better connected.

    Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur are very expensive too.

    I think Singapore (QALA) is a good option.

    Singapore->India 75-100 ms
    Singapore->Seoul 72 ms
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