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    $1/mo will get you 70mb, 1gb, unlimited emails.

    only 9 open spots since I take one. first come first serve. taking paypal only.

    my heatware rating:

    Plesk Control Panel
    Email Forwarding
    Pop and Webmail Access
    MySQL Databases
    Frontpage Extenstions
    PHP and Perl Scripting
    Passworded Directories

    more info, visit

    Domains hosted by Resellers are subject to the same rules as domains we host. Basically:

    No Illegal Content
    No Obscene Content
    No Hate Sites
    No Terrorist Promoting Sites
    Absolutely No Spamming
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    1,593 are on a reseller plan, right?

    I don't know about Dixiesys's policy, but isn't it standard that a reseller must support his own clients? You can't advertise "Unbeatable Dixiesys Tech Support" then.


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    You can't advertise "Unbeatable Dixiesys Tech Support" then.
    nope, if you click on the link provided above, you will see the "Unbeatable Dixiesys Tech Support " statement on dixiesys website.

    also, i don't make money off of this, just trying to pooling to get cheap hosting.

    no minimum contract, no transfer/setup fee. there isn't any fee beside the monthly fee.

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    Who is providing the support then?

    If Dixiesys is, then your statement is fine. But with most reseller programs (and I imagine Dixiesys's as well), you, as the reseller, provide the first line of support. You clients aren't even supposed to be able to contact Dixiesys. (After all, the reason reseller programs are cheaper is because the host doesn't have to support all the acocunts it hosts).

    My point is: unless whoever signs up with you is receiving support directly from Dixiesys, your statement is inaccurate.


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    i really don't care if people sign up w/ this plan know that i got the reseller from dixiesys. they can contact dixiesys directly for all support. off-course, if they need my help, i be glad to help out. but i do see your points though. maybe i work thing out as thing move along.
    email: [email protected]

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    Well, are you offering the hostings from a dixiesys reseller plan?

    If so, you are the direct line of support. While you personally may receive "Unbeatable Dixiesys Tech Support," your clients won't.

    Of course, I can't be sure if Dixiesys is willing to help support your client. The industrial standard is that you get a reseller program, so you support your own clients, and Dixiesys in turns support you.


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    well, it's should be only 9 people. i think i can handle that. most will be knowledgeable enough, or not.

    sure, i will be the goto man if you have problem w/ your account.

    thanks peter for pointing that out.

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    First of all, don't get me wrong. I am not trying to ruin your offer. But as you say, if you are the first line of support, then your statement of "Unbeatable Dixiesys Tech Support" would be inaccurate.

    Might want to edit the original post to take out Dixiesys and just leave it as "Unbeatable Tech Support."


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    thanks peter, post edited.

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    No problem. Glad to help out on a wonderful offer.


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