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    SSL for control panel login

    I am trying to provide control panel logins over SSL. So, in case the login url will be at, can I/should I purchase a cert for

    In many ways, this would be more cumbersome for customers than, as I am using cPanel and could set it to redirect to secure connections and use a self-signed cert, but the browser warning would always crop up and I am looking to avoid that.

    Is this a sensible move?

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    If you purchase the SSL cert for and redirect www, to you shouldn't get any browser warnings. As long as your SSL cert is valid for I haven't seen any browsers complain about the alternate port.

    Until TLS support improves this is probably the easiest way to run multiple SSL sites on a single IP address.

    PS Sorry for the comma in the URL.
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    This sounds like a good idea. Thanks, I am going to try it out.

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