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    Seeking a talented photoshopper/designer


    I will be launching a new website at the end of this month.

    The hosting, domain has already been purchased and the site layout has partially been created. I am now creating the content for the launch.

    Im seeking a photoshopper/designer to create a main logo and then smaller logos of that and some other icons/baaners for the site. I already have the specifications, so really no work is needed in brainstorming, just doing the work.

    So really im looking for maximum of 10 images to be created.

    Unfortunately, I cannot pay for this as funds are very low. Since I am not in employment. However, if you have your own company, I am able to put up a banner for you and also give you credits at the bottom of the site for each page.

    I have a conservative estimate of well over 100,000 unique visitors each month by July and by December it should be off the charts, as there by then be a yearly advertising budget for the site and be advertised heavily.

    I would also like to state, I would want to establish a relationship with you. As in the short / medium / long term there might be more work needed and hopefully by then I can pay for these as and when needed.

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    I may be interested depending on the subject of the site. Please provide me with further information.
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    I am also interested, you can view my portfolio at

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    Forget the opening post. Im moving the goal posts by a long shot



    I did post earlier about getting a site done for free. But now my priorities have changed and well, I guess I will have to beg, borrow, steal the money to pay for the site.

    What I wantare these..

    1) A designer/code/photoshopper who is already familiar with Go look at : the template I would want my site designed in, is the media mogul. You should already be able to download that and look at it

    2) Go look at : I will be wanting a similiar blog as this and to be styled under the media mogul theme.

    3) Go look at : I will be using Fireboard for the forum and this to be styled under the media mogul theme.

    4) My site will be made up of sections. For example lets say I am hosting music videos. I can have pop, rock, blues. The user clicks rock, then from there it goes pop rock, hard rock, metal, and from there it goes the artists and finally album and then shows the videos.

    I need an admin page that allows me to create a top level genre, then sub genre, artist, album then song. Remember, I am using this as an example. We will talk about specifics, when you have the job.

    5) I will need the site to be scripted in a way, that when a new album of an artist is released. A forum post is associated with it.

    6) When forum posts are made, one the main page. I need a section. Last 5/10 forum posts.

    7) When users write in testimonials on how great my site is/content is. I need a section for this.

    8) I will be playing flash movies. When it becomes available, I will be using the Xmoov player. Here is a demo - Until that is released, any old player will do. But I will be expecting you to incorporate the Xmoov player when its ready.

    9) When movies are viewed. I want a component to say how many have times it has been viewed, and to be inserted into a database field. Maybe use Seyret or Jmovies for the count?

    10) I will be hosting pdfs and other files. I also want a component to say how many times it has been downloaded, and to be inserted into a database field.

    11) An RSS component will be used. It will be up to you, to code this in. Slick RSS/Simple RSS are good components. But I need one that only brings in the titles and links from the other sites. No the content via a popup.

    12) I will need a main site logo, watermark (for videos), business card logo, logo for branding (usb key, mug/cup, mouse-mat, t-shirt, etc), logo for forum, several images/icons. (lots of revisions here)

    13) sh404SEF will need to be installed on the site.

    14) When a blog is updated, I need something on the main site to show the latest blog.

    15) Paypal donation button.

    16) Multiple hidden sections, such as. Interviews or latest event. Only showing, when there is content.

    17) Please note, that in our discussions, I may add more things to the list


    So as you can see. Alot of work. I need someone who knows what they are doing and someone who isnt going to rip me off either. I would like realistic quotes that include all the work from start to finish. I dont want someone getting 10% of my fee and then doing a runner. I wont be paying 50% here and then waiting for weeks.

    A prerequiste of this, is for you to be have skills as Joomla coder and know the rockettheme designs and know photoshop.

    I would appricate that if you can do the work. Before we speak, you can give me examples of your work, a rough price and a rough estimate of the cost.

    This isnt one of those get me a header for $5..


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