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    Require Coder for 2x Projects (7 Days Deadline) $20 Per Page (MSN Daily)


    As the title Suggests I am looking for a coder who can carry out / accept:

    2 Projects (Coding Only XHTML & CSS)
    NO PAYMENT UNTIL PROOF OF COMPLETION (Due to scammers in the past)
    7 Day's MAX to get projects completed by from the day of being given the projects.

    Payment: $20 (10) per page

    MUST BE ON MSN DAILY! (If you fail to this then the projects will be given to some else, Communication is very important as all past scammers failed to keep in contact.)

    The sites are quite small, 1 is a very small info site for a new business starting up. The other is a slightly bigger site however symetrically designed with coding in mind.

    At the first sign of possible delay's / no communication unless notifyed / deviation from any agreements made, The projects will be given to someone else who replies via PM.

    These 2 websites have been given to coders in the past. 5 coders in total now, 3 freelances & 2 companies. All of whome either scammed me by me paying upfront a % or by waisting my site by not completing the projects within the deadline. So before you think that by me not willing to pay upfront a % is a waist of time for you then just think about how you would feel and react if the above happend to you over a 6 month period!

    Tech Info:
    The sites are very small as mentioned so a 7 day turn around for BOTH* sites should not be an issue you outsource or have employees etc, If you have a single .1% of possible completion not being done via deadline then do not apply. Its that simple!

    PSD Design - You must slice this design up & code it , YOU MUST save the slices for editing reasons, If this has not been done by completion then no payment will be made until you reslice the deisgn.

    Must be coded in VALID XHTML & VALID CSS.

    Must be SEO Freindly!

    Must be editable (Every aspect of the deisgn) This is also very important, If you fail by deadline then no payment will reach you until you complete this task.

    A Personal Note:
    I am very sorry for all of the demands above but you only have 5 of your fellow WHT users to thank for it. If they never lied, failed to stick to promises & never scammed me then I would have simply said "Require Coder". But when all of the people fail to do a simple project like this for over 6 months im sure you will agree that you will take extra measures to secure your money & deadline date.

    If you comply to all requirements and by the end of the 7 days you have lived up to my expectations then I will be giving you more projects straight away. I have 7 projects in total 1 of which is for a very big company who is willing to pay alot of cash for quality coders.


    ADD ME TO MSN : [email protected]


    Must send your portfolio & website address.

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    I am unable to edit my thread so I will make notes here:

    The 2 projects are:
    $20 Per Page (2 pages for each project)
    XHTML & CSS Valid - Tableless
    Payment Non-Nagotiable

    Coder should host the finished projects on his / her own webspace in their finsihed form to show myself. After which if I am happy with the final products I will make payment via your method of choice (PayPal / Google Checkout / WorldPay etc)

    Thank You.

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    We have added you to our MSN. As per your post above, we will take payment upon completion of the work

    Thank you
    I'm Zafar Ahmed.
    I provide
    SEO Services & eMarketing consultancy
    I'll be glad to hear from you

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