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    New! - Centova Cast v2.0.0 BETA - ShoutCast/IceCast control panel now available

    The Centova Cast v2.0.0 public beta is now available! See below for a list of updates in this new version.

    Centova Cast is a professional streaming radio server control panel and hosting management solution, providing complete control over the provisioning and management of your streaming servers.

    Its features include:

    • Support for both ShoutCast and IceCast streaming servers.
    • AJAX drag-and-drop, ID3-capable playlist editor and media library manager
    • Built-in track scheduling capabilities (schedule countdowns, pre-recorded shows, jingles, ads, etc.)
    • Built-in track weighting capabilities (heavy rotation, light rotation, etc.)
    • Server-based streaming source support using ices or sc_trans.
    • Feature-rich web-based administrative interface for provisioning and managing streaming servers.
    • Complete web-based client control panel for starting/stopping and configuring streaming servers.
    • Data transfer and listener statistics, complete with graphs.
    • Configurable bit rate, listener, disk quota, and data transfer limits for each client account.
    • Automated, built-in stream monitoring system to minimize downtime.
    • FTP server integration (ProFTPd or Pure-FTPd) for streaming media (MP3) uploads.
    • Billing system integration for ModernBill (v4/v5) and iPanel/iHost, and WHMCS billing systems.
    • Automatic playlist generation for WinAmp, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, and RealPlayer
    • Flexible XML and PHP APIs for integration with third-party billing and provisioning systems.
    • Cross-browser compatibility.

    Centova Cast is extremely easy to use for both the administrator and clients. It is a complete, standalone control panel, and does not require any other control panel software on the same server (although it will happily coexist with CPanel, Plesk, and others).

    This new beta version of Centova Cast includes the following new features and fixes:

    • Added completely new AJAX media library and playlist manager
    • Added stream start page support
    • Added support for on-demand content
    • Added multiple playlist support
    • Added support for weighted general rotation playlists
    • Added support for timed-interval and song-interval playlists (for station identification, commercial advertisements, etc.)
    • Added support for scheduled playlists (for countdowns, etc.)
    • Added support for immediate "play-now" playlists
    • Added full internationalization support
    • Added track preview option in media library browser
    • Added WHMCS billing system support
    • Added embeddable recent tracks list and JavaScript code snippet
    • Added Amazon integration for CD covers and buy-now links
    • Added song request support
    • Added embeddable on-demand content browser JavaScript code snippet
    • Added administrator password change support
    • Vastly improved ID3 tag reading support
    • Migrated to new licensing system (monthly licensing now available!)
    • Added dynamic playlist support for ices2
    • Added support for client-defined encoder/bit rate settings
    • Added portability improvements for BSD support
    • Fixed a significant number of bugs

    For more information and screenshots, please visit:

    Or try our free, live demo at:

    • Linux OS (Red Hat/CentOS, Debian, and Fedora are officially supported)
    • Apache v1.3 or 2.0 with PHP 4.3+ or PHP 5
    • MySQL v4.x or 5.x
    • ShoutCast v1.9.x+ or IceCast v2.x+
    • Optional: ices-cc, ices 0.4, sc_trans 0.4.0, ices 2 (experimental), ezstream (experimental)
    • ProFTPd v1.3.0+ or Pure-FTPd v1.0.21+ (optional)
    • ionCube loader (included with Centova Cast)
    • Shell access (i.e., SSH) required for installation

    Centova Technologies Inc.
    Centova Cast - ShoutCast Control Panel

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    Can you install it on my vps via ssh for me. I would like to give it a try.

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    Please open a ticket with our helpdesk and someone will be pleased to assist you.

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    Any chance of reducing the price? The cost it too prohibitive for us to deploy. No one will buy services with it included.


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    Quote Originally Posted by utropicmedia-karl View Post
    Any chance of reducing the price? The cost it too prohibitive for us to deploy. No one will buy services with it included.
    I was thinking of that as well.

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