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    Newbie needs help...

    So I'm new to "WHT" and pretty new to the whole web hosting thing. I had some hosting a few years ago but can't even remember the company. Long story short, I want to start a blog using Wordpress. I have searched all over the internet but can't seem to come to a conclusion about which host will be the most economical and dependable for my needs. Obviously, I want a host with easy integration of Wordpress, great support, I don't need tons of emails accounts, and initially I shouldn't need an extreme amount of bandwidth. I know this question probably comes up a lot, I'm sorry, but any help and suggestions would be great.


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    I would suggest you go with someone with servers close to your geographical area or the closest big city!

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    If your site won't consume too much of space and bandwith, go for Totalchoicehosting. 44$ per year (if you pay for year), great support. I had my site hosted there and I really liked their service. As far as I remember - some 700 megabystes space, 10 gigs bandwith, unlimited databases, unlimited emails. And fast servers too.

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    Get a Linux platform with Directadmin with Installatron of Cpanel with Fantastico. That will allow easy creation of wordpress. Estimate what you want. Ignore those oversellers who sell tons of gb for pennies. Get a package that can accomodate your growth and that's about it.

    Do not be greedy and sign up for those 100s GBs or TBs when you have absolutely no need for them. Oversellers tend to be less reliable because they oversell their capacity. A few big users will be enough to crash their servers.

    Bear in mind You Get What You Pay For.

    Good luck in your search.

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    Agree with boonchuan, go especially if you start some personal support may help you out far more, find a host which is patient to explain you the in and outs, make sure they have 24x7 support or have support in the hours you need them.

    Wordpress is as boonchuan states easy to install trough installers, but lack some modules you can add when your site get more busy, you may install them yourself at any time, but as a starter it might be nice if your host is willing to help on that. (i.e. think about wp-cache to lighten the database load).

    Good luck in finding your host.
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    Thanks for all the advice. Boonchuan, do you have any advice on companies? I'm not sure exactly how much space I need to get. All I need to host is the blog so I don't feel like it should be a ton. I'd like to find something in the sub $10/month range. Any suggestions?

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    cpanel with fantastico will help you to do this and easily install wordpress. look for special offer section and you can get good plan for good price

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    I would suggest you visiting offer section here for shared web hosting offers. Wordpress is easy to host on any linux platform and if I were you I'd go with neighbourhood web hosting company. - a true hosting company offering online presence solutions since 1998.
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    I also recommend you start with a small, affordable shared web hosting service and don't spend your time on expensive options at first.
    Start build your own webhosting plan based on your needs

    See a Movie tutorial to learn more.

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