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    Inexpensive (shared) dotnet 3.5 hosting


    I've searched extensively through the Windows hosting forum but I was not able to find reasonable hosting providers based on the following criteria:

    * Shared is fine (I'm on a budget)
    * The cheaper the better (no more than 2 hours / week downtime)
    * 9-5 support and 24 hour ticket turnaround
    * Include .NET 3.5
    * Include ASP.NET and WCF (web services)
    * Allow up to 5 domain names that I already own
    * Include 2GB of disk space and 10GB of traffic / month
    * A decent pipe, something like 100K down and 50k up
    * SQL Server 2005 Express (or better) with the ability to remotely connect to via Management Studio (with credentials)
    * Ability to run or use a POP and SMTP server
    * Allow file upload / download via FTP or secure FTP

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Buck,

    As for the Windows host with ASP.NET support, is a winner. However, it is little bit expensive if you wish to use sql server 2005, multiple domain hosting, etc with them. is a very good alternative as they are highly updated with good 24 hour support. There are better reviews available for them here and on forums and recommended by many microsoft professionals. .NET 3.5 support is available with both of them but I think, you can go with as you can find multiple domain hosting plans with them at reasonable rates.


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    How important is expert Windows support?

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