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    new aol ceo

    So much news happening, I hope everyone is catching up. You web hosting CEO's better watch your accounting closer, you may go to jail. Lets all pray for martha!!

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    Why pray for martha? She is already rich and still used inside information to make a profit while the rest of the investers ate it. I pray she gets a hefty fine or jail.

    I still can't believe this is the big "scandal" it is....its not like this is new information that they have been cooking the books.
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    I hope martha gets a heavy fine and not jail because imagine martha in jail? horrible site, she would be designing all the other girls cells and get weeds from outside to set on her desk in a plastic bag of water. Horrible site just horrible. They would have to do her TV show from in jail hehe even though that would really happen. Her special guests would have to be Big Bertha from the cell next to hers. But still I believe martha when her stock brokers agreed to sell the stock when it dropped below $60.00 I know the CEO of imcloned called her a few days before but nothing can be proven out of that. There is no fact in that.

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    I'm all for seeing M.S. go down.

    Her broker's assistant knew nothing about a Stop Loss order. Her story doesn't stand scrutiny and its unlikely she will escape from this without SEC fines and penalties.

    Maybe she could be forced to cook in a soup kitchen for a few months too.
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