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    Is 1mbps enough?

    I have a collocated server that bills by GB. Currently I have 1000GB a month to use, and I use nearly all of it. I will be purchasing a new server, and I'm thinking about sending it to Colo4Dallas over my current provider. How do I figure out if a 1mbps plan will serve my needs?


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    Well, 1mbps 24/7 limits you to 330GB, seeing you won't be maxing out your port 24/7, you can expect 200-250GB out of 1mbit. So the question is, how much of that 1000GB were you using?

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    1Mbps sustained will get you about 300GB per month. 1000GB/month comes comes out to about 3Mbps sustained. 4Mbps is about 1200GB. The question you have to ask is how many GB do you need per month? Hope this helps.

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    It could even by 4-6mbps. My guess is that per megabit pricing will be more expensive than per gigabyte transfer pricing for your single server.

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    Ya, they offer a 1000GB package but it's ~ $180/month. The 1mbps package is much ~ $100 cheaper. Too bad, I would really like to get in their data center.

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    1Mbps is only 320GB if you run at exactly 1Mbps all month long.

    If you ran your port full speed on a 100Mbps port for 35.999 hours, and exactly 1Mbps the rest of the time, you could run 2000GB and only be billed for 1Mbps. Of course, this is the best case scenario.

    Conversely, if you run your port at 1Mbps for 36.001 hours, and had zero traffic the rest of the time, you would only run 16.2GB.

    Real life usage can be anywhere in between, depending on your traffic patterns, but you will usually get less than 320GB, so if you plan to use a full 1000GB, I would definitely go with the 1000GB package. Not only is it cheaper by GB, but for a single server where you can't take advantage of the law of averages, it also makes your traffic more predictable.
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    Agreed, the 1000GB plan would probably be more cost effective for you.

    One reason is that Mbps plans typically rely on 95th percentile transfer rate, rather than actual GB's of data transferred, to determine your pricing. At lower Mbps levels, even a few spikes in traffic can bump up the 95th percentile to more than 1Mbps.

    So while you may only use 150GB/mo of actual data (just as an example), a few spikes of traffic over the month can help boost the 95th percentile reporting for that same bandwidth to 1.0 or even 1.5Mbps (almost triple what you actually used).

    So definitely, I'd take the 1000GB plan if you can. It will in fact be cheaper in the long run.


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    yeah, but the thing is your provider gets billed on 95th so per gb is usually more expensive anyways unless its oversold colo

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    Guys, thanks for the all the info. I was thinking of getting 1mps myself and looks like I'll need to go higher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sly596 View Post
    Ya, they offer a 1000GB package but it's ~ $180/month. The 1mbps package is much ~ $100 cheaper
    In real-world usage 1000Gb of *transfer* is generally around 5Mb/s *bandwidth* @95%ile - varies a little depending on what the server is doing so to do a price-comparison, you should be comparing 1Tb to 5Mb/s
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    Teorically 1Mbps limit is ~330GB/month in + ~330GB/month out while a 1TB/month plan in general refers to in+out (albeit there are plans 50%+50%)

    This way you must plan the circuit capacity considering max(in,out) and not the sum.

    I suggest you to review as this current 1TB usage is calculated (95% or real bandwidth usage?) before taking any decision. Anyway, looks like the actual plan is good for you.
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    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the expert advice. I think that I'm going to stick with my current plan.

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    1mbps is very little. although even you push data nonstop, you can get a bit of transfer like other states, you will get frustrated by the slow speeds.

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