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    Question Merchant Accounts for UK companies?

    Hi everyone,
    I'm currently looking at getting a Merchant account rather then starting with a 3rd Party processor such as 2checkout. Problem is being based in the UK I need a company that accepts both international merchants and international payments.

    So who would you recommend I use? Why? Do you use them yourself? And if you do how would you rate them?

    Thanks for the help everybody

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    Maybe World Pay


    I would suggest to you, Below I have listed the +/- points:

    Good Points:

    Accept upto 3 different currencies with the chance to accept more at a cost of 50 per currency

    Good Control Panels to view account statements etc.

    Easy to setup

    Excellent support.

    Accept UK cards such as Solo and switch.

    Money routed to personal account
    Bad Points:

    Costly, it cost us 265, luckilly we signed up the day before they started to charge for Future pay and world access (offline payment terminal).

    Slow to get started, although they you can be trading within 48 hours I would challenge anyone to do that. It takes a while to get all the forms signed including your bank manager. Then of course the post.

    They forogt to apporve our application and we had to telephone three times before being accepted.

    The deposit your money 4 weeks in arears.

    Overall if you can afford it then I would suggest World Pay to any UK online business. Alternatives include EPDQ from Barclays but at 25 a month it will only end up costing you much more in the future.

    I hope this is of help.

    PS. Note where the main office is (USA) and then note that Jersey is the registered office (not the US one, the one near France) cheeky huh!. pitty they don't pass on the Tax saving to their customers.

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