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    Partner with MySql & PHP Experience Wanted

    I am the owner of the most well known skins and templates store for the popular shopping cart script CubeCart which is written in PHP, MySql and uses the X-Template system.

    I am now looking for a partner to help take the store to the next level in providing quality and affordable modifications for CubeCart Versions 3 & 4.

    About Us:

    CubeCartSkins was established in 2005 and has grown to be one of most well known third party solution providers in the current market. Our product range, support services and reputation has placed us at the top of Google for the last two years and we receive an average of 3000 unique hits per month.
    Our turnover while quite low in terms of full time jobs is actually quite high for this sector and averages at around $450 per month based on the average sale of around $30.00.

    While at the forefront of CubeCart design we are now looking to further our services by moving in to the sale of quality and affordable functionality modifications for the upcoming release of CubeCart Versions 3 & 4.

    About you:

    This is an excellent chance to get involved with an established third party provider with an excellent reputation for quality products and support. This would suit someone with experience in MySql and PHP and its development. X-Template knowledge would also be a bonus but is not essential. As this is a remote position it might suit someone working from home with the vision to having your own business model and keen to take a step in developing and improving an already established business.

    You will be required to have an active position in the CubeCart modifications community where you will be expected to help with listing our product range, helping inexperienced CubeCart users with managing their store and you would also be required to help with our support desk in answering queries about our product range and support any bugs which are found by the client and providing quotations for custom coding projects.


    There would be two options available to you;
    1) A 50/50 split of all profits from our current and future product range. This would include a 50% profit from all our templates and also a 50% profit from all the modifications you code. You would also retain 100% of profit from custom coding projects.

    2) You would receive an 80% stake in sales against the modifications you produce only. This means we would take a 20% cut of the profit from the sale of the mods you produce to cover our costs and you would not receive any profit from our template sales.
    Payment of your share would be made weekly to your PayPal account on a cash basis with no TAX/VAT taken. You will then be essentially self employed and it will be up to you to take responsibility for your earnings.

    It is important that you know that most modifications sold are priced at between $10 - $30 only. It is equally important to keep prices at a minimum to retain our place in the market and obviously more sales at a smaller price are more profitable than fewer sales at a larger price.

    Commitment is essential. We are an established business and our customers rely on us to provide the functionality they require for their store. If you are looking for a quick buck that you can forget about a few months down the line then this is not for you!
    If however you would like a chance to promote your abilities without the need of setting up your own online business then we want to hear from you.

    Questions relating to this position are welcome but applications via private messaging will be ignored, please use the contact link provided.

    Position: Partner

    Salary or Project Budget: See Description

    Company Name: CubeCartSkins

    Contact Name: Stephen

    Contact Details: Please use This Link

    Links: Company Website

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    Well if you need someone, im here. <<snipped>> Ive been coding in php for years, and im already very professional. I've made many website's protected against newbie ddos attacks from perl scripts. I've made anti-flood cgi scripts, to counter flood attacks. I've patched many exploit's from milw0rm, and other underground websites. I've made private server's for games, with a community SQL server. This is easy stuff . So if you need help just reply to this topic.
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