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    CentOS Configuration Help

    Hi all,

    I've purchased a VPS with CentOS 5 on and am looking to get it all up and running myself (Never done anything Linux based before but don't mind learning). I've gotten as far as installing LAMP + Webmin on the server, outsourced my DNS to zoneedit and email to Google and am now trying to configure other parts. I'm currently stuck on two things.

    1. I'm trying to configure my FTP server. I've installed and am able to run it and connect to it myself as root but I can't figure out how to get it my html folder. Its only got files like .bash_history and .bash_logout in view. Also trying to do this through Webmin cause I've got no idea where to find anything on the command line other then proftd.conf

    2. I'm trying to add users to the server but again I'm unsure on how to set the permissions for it. I can create it but it comes up with the error /dev/null Permission Denied a couple of times when I log in.

    Any advice on either of those topics?



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    1. Are you using proftpd? Is your html folder inside your /root directory? You will most likely want to chroot everyone to their home directory, by using the directive:

    DefaultRoot ~

    Check what shell your users have set in /etc/passwd. If it's /dev/null, then it would make sense that you would not be able to login as them.

    Do you want your users to have ssh access? If not, you do not want them to have a valid shell. Just ensure that in the appropriate context of proftpd.conf, you have:
    RequireValidShell off
    So that they can still ftp in.

    You may also want to put your users in a group, and use some group based permissions.
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    Thanks loads for that! I changed my DefaultRoot to /var/www and now it has access to my webserver.

    Just another question about adding users. I want my user to have root power so I can disable the root ssh login and then add users that can access FTP and MySQL but anything else. How do i set correct permissions for that?

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    That is a loaded question that gets at the heart of what is so wonderful, and dangerous, about Unix/Linux.

    I'd recommend spending some time both here:

    and here:

    Starting with the latter.

    Good luck!
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