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    MacSamurai's Cyberwings Refund Saga is drawing to a close...

    Read it and weep... But you may be weeping for all the wrong reasons

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    Could you please post such things in the lounge forum? I am just tired of even seeing the world "Cyberwings".


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    Arrow Congratulations, MacSamurai!!!

    I'm sure that you have given many people renewed hope that they just might get a refund afterall.

    Thanks for posting the information here where most people who are personally affected by Cyberwings will see it. I'm sorry if it bothers others, but this is not a 'lounge' issue.

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    S/he didn't actually cash the money order yet, so how do we know if it's valid?

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    Arrow another refund noted from Cyberwings

    [aahala wrote today on the forum:]

    'I just got my cyberwings refund in today's mail. All $2.70 of it in the form of a Western Union money order.

    Here's the details of the refund.

    I filed a ticket (460 I think) on July 26 or 27, the first day I could.

    About 7-10 days later, I got an email that the ticket had been answered (gave check number but I don't recall what the number was and the ticket reply showed some of the info in the email notice.

    The MO came by regular mail, return address was Old Orchard Beach, ME, postmarked Sururban, MD . Envelope was posted Aug 8, but the MO seems to have been dated 7-28-02.

    Included in envelope, a refund form with my name, address, paypal ID number and amount hand written (in green ink!). The corporate seal was affixed.'

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    Originally posted by IT Hosting
    S/he didn't actually cash the money order yet, so how do we know if it's valid?
    Unless someone is printing them off at home, money orders are as good as cash.


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    I still havent received my refund and I submitted a trouble ticket on July 29th.

    Is there still a chatroom where we can talk to cyberwings staff or other CW customers?

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    For a chatroom with cyberwings people .......try here.........
    http:[email protected]=wingtalk
    The evening is the best time to get answers

    Mostly ex customers but many still waiting for refunds..........You may also want to go to Macsamurai's site and sign up for the newsletter.........she is keeping everyone apprised of current refunds and anything else that pertains to CW and it's demise.

    The site I am referring to re: the newsletter is here
    Good Luck..........
    an Ex CW customer

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