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    Who knows about

    Looking to move my site to a new reliable host and am interested in Mosso. It needs to be managed for me also.

    I use about 18 mb bandwith a month and 155mb of storage space.

    If you have other suggestions I'd love to hear them. My current host is very good about down time, I've never experienced it in 2 years but they are very overpriced. I was charge $1,800 for 18.36mb last month! I am contracted for 4mb and the overage charges are outrageous. They are reliable and that's what I like, but I can't afford those hosting fees!

    My site is my main source of revenue so I have to be very picky! Any help would be great.

    Also, is it wrong that I'm skepticle about sites that offer hosting for $7 a month or something comparable?

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    I think you first need to get your units straight before we can offer advice. And yes, being skeptical is correct.


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    I'm not sure what that means. This information comes straight from the hosting company itself.

    Here is a portion of my invoice from last month:

    Invoice: 11744
    Total Due: $1,866.80
    Due Date: 12/01/2007

    November Bandwidth Overage - Alloted 4.0 Mbits, Used 18.36 Mbits, Overage 14.36 Mbits. Burst Rate $130.00 per Mbit. Total $130.00 x 14.36 = $1,866.80
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    This is for web hosting or colocation/dedicated servers? I haven't seen any host charge by mbps for web hosting before.

    It isn't 18mb, it's 18mbps there is a BIG difference. If you are using 18.36mbps then you will be going over with Mosso as well, and Mosso charges $3/GB overage which is approximately ($600-900/mbit) so you really don't want to go with them unless they have another arrangement for overages.

    1mbps 24/7 = 330GB, on average (seeing you won't be using bandwidth 24/7) it turns out to be ~200GB. Therefore with Mosso, you can expect 10mbps for the 2000GB they offer, however their overage charges will get you even worse.

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    I'm not sure if it's mbps or not, because I don't know what that is.

    I'm using

    We get about 30,000 - 50,000 visitors a day (weekends are the highest) and an average of 275,000 pageviews a day (again weekends it can go up to 400,000) Does this bandwidth sound correct for this type of traffic?

    I'm new to this, thanks for your help

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    It does look like mbps, if it were just mbit, I'm sure you would have transferred about 46656000mbit as one mbit is an 1/8 of a mbyte.

    If your transferring that much bandwidth, you will need to either look for a clustered solution (like Mosso) or a dedicated server. Either way, your going to need more than what any company offers with their base package.

    Most companies offer around 2000GB, but it usually costs them more money if you actually transfer 2000GB since bandwidth costs more money than you expect. This is why most companies charge larger overages to make up for it.

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    Unfortunately, it's in MBits. Here is the response I got in regards to that question:

    Hi Bree,
    All bandwidth billing is in Mbits. If you log in to the bandwidth monitor will will see what you are using in real time in MBits.

    Any questions let us know.

    XSH Operations Support.

    So, they're just overpriced. I'm moving very soon! Thank you so much for your feedback.

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