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    Need Hosting - Getting Frustrated


    I have a few domains registered with (being the cheapest and most reliable in my opinion). I bought hosting for 5 dollars per domain per year off of an online auction. The hosting is terrible. There is like close to no reliability. Here is my problem:

    I want stable and an ip for my main website

    and I want smaller accounts for my other domains.

    Is there a host that lets you host one "main" domain and then host others or would the ip be ....... (im getting confused). Should I pay two seperate companies even though I want one solution.

    I am looking around the 10 dollar a month range. Is this even feasible?

    I have checked out's 10 dollar plan?

    Has anyone had an experience with them?

    -Frustrated Developer

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    sorry bout ur experience, looks like you learned the hard way to never buy hosting off of ebay or any other auction site.

    in any case, post a request in the requests forum and see what offer

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    You can host the main site and and the other domains all on one plan, no reason to get two providers.

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    I agree...we can do that.

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    Yep, plenty of folks around here can set you up with what you need.

    I also used for a year or so before getting my own space. They allow multiple domains to be hosted within a single account (there are limits on how many, though) and their rates are very reasonable. I never had problems with my account with them.

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