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    Question individual provider rules differences

    I have noticed that various hosts will impose their own individual rules, like your scripts will run only from a specific location but not from where you used to have them; or they will not let you to create subdomains and you need to request a new subdomain and have them create it. When you buy hosting, you never know in advance what will and what will not be allowed. How does one commonly deal with such an issue?

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    Skimming through the TOS/AUP helps. Also always a good idea to email sales if you have any questions like where scripts run and such.

    But these days I think pretty much it's standard. Every cPanel host gives you the same control and such. Along with that every other panel it's the same deal with a few changes to make names of things.
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    I would just email the provider and ask them about the particular things that you require. Although you are technically / legally supposed to read through them not many people do.


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