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    WHMCS V3.5 - Start the new year by using WHMCS for your business!

    The most popular integrated Client Management, Billing & Support System just got even better!

    WHMCS is a powerful client management, billing & support system in use by thousands of web hosts. And there's no better time than at the start of a new year to begin using a new management system for your business! Whether you're just starting out or have an established client base already, switching to WHMCS is easy and the benefits will soon become clear and help make 2008 your most successful year yet!

    What's new in V3.5?
    • Shopping Cart Ordering System
    • Multiple Contacts for Clients
    • Graphs (Bar & Pie) for Easy Stats Overviews
    • Account Prefunding (Add Credit at Any Time from Client Area)
    • CentovaCast Shoutcast Hosting Module
    • ProtX VSP Form & CCAvenue Payment Gateway Modules
    • Full Kayako Integration which can replace the built in support system
    • Support Departments Public/Client Only Settings

    And many other enhancements and improvements to existing features...

    Feature Highlights

    • Powerful & Flexible Billing & Client Management System
    • Flexible product system - supports hosting, reseller, servers and other non-hosting related products
    • Package configurable options, addons, free domain support, multiple TLD ordering and more...
    • Support Ticketing System with Full Email Piping Support
    • Automated Account Creation, Suspension, Termination & Password changing
    • Automatic Domain Registrations, Transfers, Renewals, Nameserver Changes & WHOIS Updates
    • Payment Tracking, Accounting Features & Statistical Reports
    • Built in affiliate system with product level payout settings
    • Integration with MaxMind and VariLogiX for Fraud Reduction
    • Automated package upgrade/downgrade system from the client area
    • Client Area for all your clients needs - Orders, Support, Account Management, Upgrades
    • 3 Order Form templates to choose from including a single page form and you can create your own!
    • Multi-Language Client Area & Email Support
    • 100% Customisable Client Area using Templates - simple and easy to customise in your regular HTML editor - you don't need a coding degree like with some competing products!
    • 3D-Secure Support for Quantum Gateway and ProtX - this gives you the benefits of reduced fraud and transaction fees
    • Flexible API System
    • Developer Friendly - Create your own Pages, Gateways, Server Modules & Registrar Modules to extend the system as you require and use our Action Hooks to run your own code when events occur

    We continue to develop and improve the WHMCS system based on your feedback. Just drop by our forums to see the active community we have and the responsiveness to our users requests and suggestions.

    Switch to us today and make your life easier!

    WHMCS is built around it's simplicity and easy of use so switch from your current billing system today and let WHMCS take the stress out of managing your clients. We understand that changing billing systems is not easy so to make it as pain free as possible, we have automated import scripts for all the major systems including AWBS, ModernBill (V4 & V5), WHMAutoPilot (V2 & V3), ClientExec, LPanel and more...

    We also offer professional import services where we'll handle the entire data migration for you so you can rest assured all your data will be brought accross to WHMCS successfully. Just open a ticket with us to enquire about the service.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!
    The Complete Client Management, Billing & Support System

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    Been using them for a while now after trying the others (MB, AP & CE) best move i ever made was to WHMCS.

    Good job Matt.

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    Any specials going on currently?

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    Unfortunately the Christmas special has just finished and we don't have any specials running for the new year but we do have the usual discount for users who are switching to WHMCS from other billing/support systems.

    The Complete Client Management, Billing & Support System

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    Great product and I would highly recommend WHMCS. It's worth every penny and let's be honest, it doesn't cost that many.

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    If you want the BEST software to do invoicing and or managing a web hosting company .......GET WHMCS!!

    I've bought them all From Modernbill to eveything in between, and belive me when I tell you, this is one fantastic piece of software! (really)

    But if you dont like well coded, good looking, easy to use and manage software, this probably isnt for you : )

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    I downloaded the trial and will be installing it tonight. Only hesitation was the look as it doesnt look professional as the others, but that can be modified, but ALL the reviews I have read said this was one AWESOME script. I am looking forward to getting several copies for myself and my clients.

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    WHCMS is worth every penny, I tried the modernbill trial a while back and was put off by how complex it all was.

    I've now just imported all my customers into WHCMS which was very easy and I'm all ready to go.

    Regarding the look and feel you will find many threads on WHT of people who can skin WHCMS to match your existing site.


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    I'd also like to throw in my .02. I've been hosting locally since 2003, and we had just a paper invoice system. We had no use for a billing system at that time. When we went out nationally, we checked out WHMCS and we liked it the best. The price is completely worth it. If you want a fully powered billing system, but don't want it so complex where you need a team of admins to figure it out, then this is the system for you.
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    Matt is a pleasure to deal with as we deal with them as we have multiple licenses with them.

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