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    Domain registration and parked domain names

    Are there any domain registrars who offer parked domain names with the purchase of a domain registration. Do you always have to pay for parked domain names.

    How is it that places like lunarpages and hostgator can offer unlimited parked domain names. Also, If i used a place like namecheap to register a name. Could i host with hostgator and still utilized parked domains for my namecheap domain.

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    bump ?????
    VNS Support : I assure you that this company will not tolerate people. Virtuoso

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    You mix two things up. Every domain you want to use you have to register. When you get hosting some companies offer you free parking of domains, that means you can point an other domain to your main domain.
    That doesn't include the domain registration, it's just the hosting.

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    I have an existing website, I just purchased another domain name so I can point it to my existing website. do I change the name servers of the new domain to the name servers of my existing host, or leave the name servers pointing to the domain name registra?

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    they are giving high band width and more disk space also. Now hosting is much Competitive. But more domain is sharing only their offerd configuration. So no problem for them

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