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    Lightbulb Virtual Private Server - Question & Answer Thread


    I have decided to make a "Question and Answer" thread. The purpose of this would be so that everyone can learn something knew about virtual private servers (VPS), get their questions answered, and contribute to the community. This would be a great way to share knowledge.

    Plus, it would serve as a resource for everyone. It would be both beneficial for those looking for hosting, and for hosting providers.

    It would probably be best to provide a concise explanation, as no one really wants to read a long, detailed post that answers the question unless it is that important. You could answer the question by using your own knowledge, logical thinking, researching it, or any other method.


    What is a VPS?

    A VPS is a virtual server which shares the same hardware with other VPS plans. You have your own dedicated resources off of the hardware node that your server is on. Basically, a dedicated server divided into multiple servers which have a equal share of the cpu and ram.

    Question answered by WiredTree.

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    Or you could use the WHT Wiki

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    Yes, you could use Wiki for this
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    If you are going to cite us as references, it would be better to open a ticket and let us know you are asking us to write something you are going to reproduce elsewhere rather than asking "what is VPS?" on our live chat. You would get a more detailed and technically accurate response than you would in the much more informal live chat environment.
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